Custom Web Design

At BuySecured.Net, it is our mission to provide you with a web site customized to fulfill your marketing goals and objectives while staying within your budget. Your web site will represent your company around the globe, 24-hours a day and should accurately reflect your image and high standards.

See some samples of our work:

As you can see, each customer wanted their web site designed in a certain way . Appearances are very important. Since we are software developers and not JUST web site designers we can accomplish most any task. Each of these sites are very different internally. Take some time to look around at the varying functionality.

Web Marketing:
We take pride in designing each web site from a marketing perspective and will work with you to determine the best Internet marketing strategy to reach your goals and objectives. To meet the needs of our clients, we have found it necessary to acquire skills in every aspect of web site design, including HTML, CGI, Perl, and graphics design.

Carry N Cover - This site is very straight forward and is the least expensive of all the samples. It has a shopping cart and only sells a few items. Our shopping cart has custom code for each web site therefore can be changed to meet most any need.

Celebrity Prime Foods - Has searchable recipe and nutrition databases plus information email forms. 

Willow Springs Raceway - Has nice graphics and was designed so the end user could easily make changes to their own site.

Cyber Wedding Chapel - This site: uses our own JAVA Chat software, sends email wedding invitations, marriage certificates and many more features.

Others Not Shown Above

Resource Outlet  - This custom web application uses a SQL database and specialized search screens and has a Thin Net Client - ASP (Application Service Provider) user interface build with Microsoft Visual Foxpro. This is the most powerful Drug and Alcohol periodical purchasing site on the internet today. It has automation links to Adobe PDF files and email automations routines. See for yourself.

101 Plastics - This online store uses our own shopping cart. This give us the ability to tie it into PeachTree accounting sytem. This is a nice site!

Services we offer with custom web sites:

  • We will help you locate a www name of your very own
  • Image scanning and PDF creation
  • Digital images - we will come to your store or office and digitally capture images of products, location, and even staff members
  • Graphics design
  • Order, application, and feedback forms
  • Guestbooks
  • Search utilities
  • Online database
  • Online shopping cart
  • Discounts on updates
  • High quality programming
  • Chat Rooms
  • Message Boards
  • Opt in e-mail lists
  • Connections to PeachTree,  SBT Accounting and other
  • Many more ...

With clearly defined design and marketing strategies, your web site will generate new customers and profits. Compared to traditional advertising mediums (i.e. newspaper, magazines, radio, and television), marketing on the Internet allows you to expand your target market while keeping your promotional costs to a minimum. In addition, your customers will have 24-hour access to your business from the comfort of their home or office.

For your free consultation call 805.98.5454 to speak to one of our representatives in person.

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